Automation Services


Market imbalance - Text to speech app - NYSE


We helped a Wall Street firm to create the architecture of a first of its kind application to transmit Market imbalance data from Floor traders using voice recognition software

There are many off-shoots of this technology- an example being how to get an early look at prices and build alpha generating strategies around that

We are based in Mumbai, India's financial hub

Our team includes people with backgrounds in Computers and Finance

Key Projects

We believe that there are recognisable patterns in the markets that can give a trader an edge

A lot more goes into converting the idea from design to reality - quality of data, market knowledge where the algorithm is deployed, etc.

Trading systems need to accurate, robust and scalable so that traders need not worry about the execution and can focus on strategy

  • Strategy Development
    • ‚ÄčTechnical analysis based
    • Statistical arbitrage based
    • Low / Medium / High freq. based
  • Back-testing
  • Order Routing
  • Execution Strategies
  • Technologies - Java, C++, .net, VBA Excel

  • Indian and International Markets

  • Brokers - Interactive Brokers, Omnesys, Lightspeed and others

VWAP based strategy - NSE


We helped a prop trading firm to convert their existing semi-automated strategy which was more manual driven to a scalable and highly automated trading application.

The solution was built for Omnesys trading platform using Java

Advisory Services

Technical System Trading Platform - NSE


We helped a proprietary trader create a highly customised system for managing multiple family accounts

This was based on ADX, GARCH and other indicators.  Using the solution, the trader was able to achieve better results v/s the earlier style of semi-automated trading

Our Philosophy

  • Portfolio based strategies
  • Multi Asset - Equities / FX / Commodities
  • Long / Short - Benefits in both rising and falling markets
  • Maximize reward/ risk ratio
  • Option based strategies