Search for repeatable patterns in markets​.

Search for repeatable patterns in markets​.

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Program the rules of trading and auto-generate buy/sell signals.

If you have a trading strategy that you are looking to automate, we can help you.  We have worked on platforms such as Interactive Brokers, Lightspeed, Omnesys, Greeksoft, Chanakya to name a few

Trend Following Systems are designed to follow prices and take either Long or Short positions.  These systems come under the category of Alternative Investments, a rapidly growing asset class in India.

Automated Order Execution

Deploy computers to trade automatically.


A successful trading strategy can be beneficial only if the execution is near-perfect.  We have built automated order execution for various strategies which are High/Medium/Low frequency in Indian as well as International markets

Long / Short strategies

Stocks, Currencies, Commodities


The algorithms we build go through rigorous tests before they can be deployed in the markets. We have designed strategies for Indian / International markets.  We create portfolios of equity and currency futures which help us minimise risks and get worthwhile returns for the risk in both rising as well as falling markets.

6 June, 2016
RBT holds its first "Workshop on Algo Trading" on 5 June, Sunday.